Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers Joanna & Linda

Welcome to Dough Perfect! We wanted to introduce ourselves to our new followers, and those that have been following along our journey through day one. We have met amazing people and small shops within the community this year that share the same passion as us. To see children thrive, explore, and create is our mission behind what we do.

We are a sister duo, mothers, and educators by trade. We’ve always believed in the importance of play-based / hands on learning in our classrooms and now at home with our own children. Inspired by the love of open ended play, our mission behind starting Dough Perfect was to create a high quality, all natural product. We wanted to ensure that it was long lasting, super soft, and came in a variety of soothing scents. We played around with many different recipes and varieties of essential oils to perfect our dough!

We then complimented our play dough by creating fun-filled sensory kits. These kits come in many different themes so they can suit the diverse interest of children.